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swatch, test, review! Today is Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Blog sale: Chanel, MAC, MUFE and more!




1.) Maybelline & Revlon eyeshadows Brand New- $8 mailed each


2.) MUFE Mat Velvet + in Shade 30 - $40 mailed (used 10%; retails for $68)


3.) Maybelline BB Cream (used 10%) - $8 mailed

ZA Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 10 (used 10%) - $5 mailed


4.) Chanel Vitalumiere in 30 Cendre - used 10% - $50 mailed (retail at $79)


5.) Benefit 10 Blush - used less than 5x - $20 (retails at $65)


6.) L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Soft Black, Brand New - $10 mailed

Majolica Majorca Blush in Peach - swatched once - $5 mailed


7.) MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo in Odd Couple - swatched once - $20 mailed (retails at $33)


interested parties, kindly drop me an email at sher_mark@hotmail.com and I will response with the details.

Thanks for dropping by! :)


hauls to come!


Thank you girls for sticking around!
first week at work has been really hectic, i'm trying to balance my time so i can still afford to keep this blog updated as frequently as possible!

and no, i have not forgetten about the giveaway!
i'm still waiting for my parcels to arrive, hopefully by next week the giveaway can start! :)
so besides the giveaway, some hauls too!

work starts at 8.30am everyday, and it's hard to wanna try different looks, take my time to do my eye makeup, so these days i just go simple winged liner and the rest of the face, and i'm pretty much done. but i'll try! so it's the weekends that i'd do my LOTDs yeah :)

if any of you are looking for jobs in the customer service, call centre, bank teller, direct sales jobs,
holla me anytime, or send your CV to shereen.m@pplesearch.com


new life!


i'm sorry for being MIA all this week darlings!
work just started and i've been really busy,
i'm currently a Consultant for PeopleSearch,
so if any of you are looking for a job, feel free to contact me yeah :)

i'll be back soon!


whoot 50 baby!


yay! thank you girls, i've reached my 50 followers mark!
it just fascinates me that i have more than myself to share this passion with :)
i'm really excited for my first giveaway, and i hope y'all are too!
i'm in the midst of getting more items, am hoping to start the giveaway by the end of this week :)



87% off Paul & Joe !!


okie you girls, this is NOT  a spam entry!
i have to, got to, must share this amazing deal with you!
i was on Facebook earlier, and i saw this ad stating "87% Off Paul & Joe Makeover & Sample Makeup Kit" !
and me being a skeptic about such ads, still clicked on it, expecting to see some fake sales ad,
but lo and behold! it's TRUE!

i paid $10, yes TEN DOLLARS, for Paul & Joe Makeover + Sample Makeup Kit (Worth $75) !
when i saw the website, the clock was ticking, and there was 10 minutes left,
i didn't even bother about the website's credibility, but realised it came to a secured page run by PayPal :)
i wish i had time to inform you girls about this deal, but time was ticking!
but fret not, there will be deals every day!

the ad says:
Ready to have your portrait painted and receive your own bag of tricks? Claim your beauty booty now from one of Singapore's most stylish and sophisticated beauty boutiques.

makeover and goodies to be claimed at Heeren's Alt !

check out Beeconomic HERE !!
below shows its Facebook page :)


MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Fall 2010


i told myself that with every limited collection MAC launches,
i would get at least one item.
me being a huge sucker for packaging!
but sadly MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Fall 2010 is quite a disappointment in terms of packaging.
i mean, seriously MAC?
the packaging looks really cheap and tacky,
put it into a Disney box, and 5 year old girls would buy them anytime.
i'm passing on this collection, are you?
(ok on a second note, no promises! lol)

 credits to Temptalia.com



iSpy: 40% off Clinelle skincare products!


Hey girls,
if you happen to be around Hougang,
check out Clinelle's promotion - 40% off all products, till 1 August, at Hougang Mall !
they're having this sale because Clinelle's changing their packaging, so they wanna clear the old.
the cleansers & toners are usually almost $20 each!
i bought three items, cleaners, toner and scrub for only $32!

i've been using their toner, and it's really light on the skin, no stinging!
the cleanser and scrub are really good too!
i usually rotate cleansers, but i think i'm sticking with Clinelle & Hada Labo.


About Me, and planning a thank-you giveaway!


Thank you all for your kind support, for this humble new beauty blog :)
i'm so psyched I'm almost at the 50 followers mark!
I never thought there was a ground where I could ramble and share my hauls with people who actually understand, and know that I'm not crazy or something!
Others might see us as bragging, but we are in fact, SHARING!

so I haven't actually done a proper introduction of myself, have I? :)
I'm 23 this year, I just graduated from uni, and have landed myself, my first official job!
My first encounter with makeup was, I remember so vividly, the day before my Chemistry O'levels paper, sis & I went for this Estee Lauder Makeover held at Centrepoint's Robinsons.
with that, i redeemed a liquid liner and a nail laquer.
I remember when i first started using that liner, I was struggling cos i couldn't get the line straight!
but like they all say, practice makes perfect!

so that was when i was 16.
so years passed, and all i had in my mini cosmetics pouch were just essentials, when they were empty, i'd just replenish, and i never did venture into other brands.
all i had was - ZA 2 way foundation, ZA concealer, Maybelline eyeliner, BeneFit's Dandelion blush.
those were the things i used all the way through poly and mid-way into uni.

so last Christmas, the boyfriend got me a coupla items from Bobbi Brown, which i LOVE.
slowly, i googled my way to find out more about makeup,
i went onto Coastal Scents' website early this year,
got myself a buncha brushes and an eyeshadow palette!
and that was it... i got hooked!
i would be glued to the computer, watching Makeup Geek makeup tutorials and others.
i remember the very first onsugar blog which i chanced upon was Diana's!
i knew she was Singaporean the minute she spoke, and i felt a sense of familiarity!
and yeah gradually ventured on to other onsugarettes, and the rest they say is history!
i signed up for an account, just to keep up with their amazing blogs, and tadah, i'm here too!

i had this account for a coupla weeks before deciding i should blog about makeup,
so i did so on my birthday this year, 1st July.
almost a month later, today, i'm blessed with about 40 followers!

but a giveaway!

hints? ;) i just ordered stuff from the US, and got an item for this giveaway!
it's one of my favourite brands... it has 4 letters, go figure! =))


Snow White inspired LOTD starring Russian Red.


when Faezah (better known as Junkshion) requested for me to do different lip colours,
first thing that came to mind, was to put my MAC lipstick in Russian Red to use!
i seldom wear bold lip colours because my lips are a bit too thick, so when i do apply strong colours, it tends to be too in-your-face.
but yes, i've always loved the classic black eyeliner-bold red lip combination,
so that was the LOTD!

when i think red lips, i think of classic cartoon characters like Snow White, or even Betty Boob!
stars like the late Marilyn Monroe - who made this look famous, so timeless & classy.
doing this look, i tried to achieve flawless glowing fair skin, with relatively thick winged out liner, and of course the bright red lip, i didn't fill up all of my lips, cos it'll be too much.
so enough talk! pictures to share :)
i'm not really used to taking so many self-shots of myself, but for the sake of sharing my LOTDs :)

so first up, characters/people who inspired this look:

Betty Boob & Snow White

Megan Fox, Daisy Lowe, Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese

and my LOTD, please don't laugh! i feel like it's too much for me to wear this look out, i rubbed off the lip colour before leaving the house!

thanks for reading girls !


FOTD starring Humid.


today was shopping & haircut, night out with mom,
so i wanted to use my neglected Humid eyeshadow, because i was wearing a teal coloured skirt!
i remember watching tele once, and this makeup guru said, never to match your eyeshadow colour with the colour of your clothes.
but i tend to do that sometimes! hehe :)
do you girls think it's alright to be matchy matchy??

i was at Watson's, and I didn't need anything, but i just HAD TO walk into the store!
so just looking at stuff i've seen like a million times...
and ha! i saw something interesting!
Watsons homebrand blot paper!
comes in a roll, super compact, i love it!
only $1.95 !

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